Acropolis Athens audio guide tickets


Acropolis Athens audio guide tickets

The Acropolis is Greece’s most important landmark and one of the world’s most-visited sites.

Hence, a lot of guided tours, both virtual and live, are available for this destination.

If you are an explorer who wants to discover the historical site of the Acropolis on your own, the Acropolis Athens audio guide tickets are the perfect match for you.

The Acropolis self-guided tours are more affordable than the Acropolis guided tour with expert, multi-lingual guides.

So, get the most out of your Acropolis experience by buying the best Acropolis Athens Audio Guides 2023.

Acropolis skip-the-line entry ticket with an audio tour

This Acropolis skip the line audio tour offers a pre-booked Acropolis of Athens entry ticket and a self-guided audio tour of the site.

Explore this relic of Western culture at your pace through the engaging Acropolis audio guide tour. 

Fascinating details of Acropolis Hill and the history of the site’s various structures will be narrated as you stroll inside the premises of Acropolis. 

This Acropolis audio tour ticket makes your entire experience hassle-free, so you can just focus on exploring. 

What’s included:

  • Skip-the-line ticket of the Acropolis
  • Audio guide app

Price of Acropolis skip-the-line ticket with an audio tour 

Adult tickets (6 years and above)€26

Athens Acropolis and Museum entry tickets with Audio Guide

This Athens Audio tour is perfect for exploring the beautiful structures of the Acropolis while learning about its fascinating history. 

If an Acropolis guided tour with a live guide is not preferable, then its substitute, the audio-guided tour of the Acropolis, can help with self-guiding. 

Explore the structures of the Acropolis at your own pace while listening to the engaging audio guide. 

Witness the beauty of famous structures such as the Temple of Athena Nike, Parthenon, and Erechtheion while understanding their significance. 

This Acropolis Audio tour ticket includes admission to the Acropolis Museum.

It features a range of captivating exhibits and priceless findings from the archaeological site of the Acropolis, such as the Votives, artifacts of everyday life, and more. 

This one tour combining the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum along with the audio tour will give you the best possible tour to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site. 

What’s included: 

  • Skip the line access to the Acropolis with an audio guide in English. 
  • Skip the line access to the Acropolis Museum. 
  • An Acropolis Museum audio tour.

Acropolis Athens audio tour tickets price: 

Age Price 
Acropolis and Museum Entry Tickets with Audio Guide€45 ($48)
Acropolis and Museum Entry Tickets with 2 Audio Guides€ 53 ($56)

Athens Acropolis & Top Attractions Tickets with Audio Guide

If you want context and information behind the archaeological sites of Athens while exploring on your own, choose this 5 hour Acropolis Athens audio guide tour

The engaging self guided audio tours enrich your experience by offering 4 exciting tours featuring various Historical sites of Athens audio guide!

You can explore sites such as the Ancient Agora, Kerameikos, Olympieion, Roman Forum, Hadrian’s Library, Aristotle’s Lyceum, and the National Archaeological Museum. 

The option to upgrade and add a few more sites to your list, such as the Temple of Zeus, Roman Agora, and more, is also available. 

What’s included: 

  • Skip the line access to the Acropolis. 
  • Skip the line access to the Acropolis Museum (if the option is selected.) 
  • Skip the line ticket to Olympieion Temple of Zeus, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Hadrian’s Library, Aristotle’s Lyceum, and Kerameikos (if the option of 6 Archaeological Sites options is selected)
  • self guided audio tour acropolis museum on your smartphone

Things to know: 

  • This tour is wheelchair accessible. 
  • Depending on the option selected, the tour can last as long as 5 hours. 
  • The audio guide will be available in 6 popular languages: English, Greek, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. 
  • For the Acropolis Skip-the-line ticket with Audio tour on your phone, you need to carry a charged smartphone and headphones. 
  • The audio tours can be used repeatedly, anytime, before or after your visit. However, you can enter each attraction once within 5 days, so please plan accordingly. 

Athens Acropolis & top attractions tickets with audio guide price: 

Acropolis admission tickets and 2 self-guided audio tours 

Age Price
Adult (25 to 64 years) €36 (US $38)

Acropolis & 6 Archaeological sites tickets & audio tours

Age Price 
Adult (25 to 64 years) €52 (US $55)

Acropolis & 6 Archaeological sites tickets & audio tours

Age Price 
Adult (25 to 64 years) €52 (US $55)

Acropolis & Acropolis Museum tickets with 3 audio tours 

Age Price 
Adult (25 to 64 years) €55 (US $59)

Acropolis, 8 top attractions & museum + audio tours 

Age Price
Adult (25 to 64 years) €79 (US $84)

Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, & Archaeological Museum Tickets

Explore the structures at Acropolis and beyond in a comprehensive manner with this Acropolis audio tour

Stroll at Acropolis with this Audio guide acropolis museum and explore each structure more closely while learning its history and numerous fascinating tales. 

The Acropolis Museum audio guide will further give you more intriguing facts about the Acropolis, its artifacts, intriguing exhibits and more. 

The audio tour of the National Archaeological Museum is also included in this combo audio tour of the top sites of Athens.

It is one of the best athens audio guides 2023

What’s included: 

  • Skip the line entry ticket to the Acropolis. 
  • Skip the line entry ticket to the Acropolis Museum. 
  • Skip the line entry ticket to the National Archaeological Museum. 
  • Acropolis Museum Audio Guide in English. 

Things to know: 

  • The tickets are valid for one-time entry to each attraction. 

Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, and Archaeological Museum tickets price:

Age Price 
Entry Tickets with 1 Self-Guided Audio Tour€58 (US $62)
Entrance Tickets with 3 Self-Guided Audio Tours€66 (US $70)


Can you get an audio tour at the Acropolis?

Yes, you can get an audio tour of the Acropolis at the site, but you won’t be able to find good deals and will have to stand in long queues.

Choose the Acropolis Athens audio guide to get a self-guided tour of the Acropolis at the exact cost of the entry ticket purchased from the ticket office.  

Check other types of Acropolis tickets to get a deal you won’t find offline, like Athens cruises, hop on hop off bus tours and more.

Is the Acropolis audio guide tour worth it?

An audio tour of Acropolis will give you relevant information about the site so that you can explore and appreciate this spectacular attraction at your own pace. 

It accommodates fascinating structures like the Parthenon, Erechtheion, and Odeon of Herodes Atticus of the Acropolis.

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