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There are many notable tourist sites in Athens and more than 20 points of attraction within Acropolis itself– the most prominent of which is the Acropolis Museum.

The Acropolis Museum Greece is a big crowd-puller within the Acropolis fortress among the Parthenon, Erechtheion, Temple of Athena Nike and Odeon of Herrodes Atticus. 

Watch this video to know which sites to see if you plan a trip to Athens.

About the Acropolis Museum Athens

There are two different museums in Athens, Greece, the Old Acropolis Museum and the New Acropolis Museum.

Purchasing the Acropolis Museum ticket lets you view these ancient monuments with all their hues.

It is divided into three sections or levels. 

The Athens Acropolis Museum’s lowest level consists of columns holding a glass floor.

On top of that glass floor, visitors can look down on an archaeological excavation site of the ancient city of Athens. 

The Middle level of the museum houses galleries from Greece’s Archaic period to the Roman Period. 

The third level is the most fascinating, with countless marvel structures arranged as they would have been approximately 2,500 years ago. 

When was the Acropolis Museum built?

The Old Acropolis Museum was built in 1874 on Acropolis Hill and was the first museum in Greece dedicated to ancient artifacts

However, due to its small size and limited facilities, it was deemed insufficient to properly display and preserve the artifacts.

So, the New Acropolis Museum of Athens Greece, which opened in 2009, was designed to replace the Old Acropolis Museum.

The New Acropolis Museum is a modern, state-of-the-art museum that houses a vast collection of artifacts from the Acropolis and the surrounding archaeological sites. 

The renowned Bernard Tschumi, the architect, designed the museum. 

It features a glass structure that allows visitors to view the Acropolis while exploring the exhibits. 

The museum’s layout and design are intended to provide visitors with a more immersive and educational experience. 

The exhibits are arranged chronologically and accompanied by multimedia presentations.

Today, the Old Acropolis Museum is a historical site, while the New Acropolis Museum remains the primary museum. 

The museum is mainly for studying and displaying ancient Greek artifacts in Athens.

So learn everything about the birthplace of Western civilization by visiting both the Acropolis Museums.

Types of tickets of the Acropolis Athens Museum

Here are the top three options for the Acropolis Museum tickets:

Acropolis Museum skip the line tickets

This ticket allows you to avoid the queue at the entrance of the museum.

In addition, you also get a map of the museum in eight languages: Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Price for the skip-the-line Acropolis Museum tickets

Adult tickets (25 to 65 years)€13
Children tickets (up to 5 years)Free entry
EU citizens ( 5 to 25 years)Free entry

Guided tour of the Museum of Acropolis Greece

With the guided tour of the Acropolis of Athens Museum, you can dig deeper into the history of its artifacts and their extraction process. 

A local, licensed English-speaking guide will take you on a journey through time.

Price for the Acropolis Museum guided tour  

Adult tickets (6 years & above)€35
Children tickets (up to 5 years)Free entry

Combo ticket to Acropolis’s Museum

A combo ticket of the Acropolis of Athens and New Acropolis Museum tour is your best deal, giving you access to both.

With this Acropolis Pass, you get direct access to the Acropolis and the museum without waiting in long queues.

Price for Acropolis entrance and the Acropolis Greece Museum

Adult tickets (18 to 64 years)€26
Children tickets (up to 5 years)Free entry

Do you need a guide for the Acropolis Museum?

The Museum of Acropolis is a site with great history. Taking a guided tour is perfect if you want to understand its significance. 

Visitors can choose Acropolis Museum with an audio guide to browse the exhibits and learn Greek history at their own pace. 

This handy audio tour ticket covers Acropolis and other significant sights.

It is a perfect guide for those new to Greek history and wanting to learn while exploring. 

You can also choose the Acropolis Museum Combo guided tour for a significant saving. 

It allows you to explore Acropolis and the museum with an expert guide.

With a live guide, you can ask follow-up questions.

What can you see in the Museum at Acropolis?

The Acropolis Museum is home to one of the most extensive collections of artifacts and antique objects. 

Among the numerous exhibits, there are few that all visitors must not miss. 

  • Parthenon West Frieze – It is believed to be sculpted by Pheidias. 

It is a bearded rider trying to restrain his horse. Several theories regarding the identity of the man are put forward. 

The face of the rider was tragically lost at some point between 1802 and 1870.

  • Parthenon South Metope – 32 small metopes on the south side depict the battle between the Centaurs and the Lapiths. 

Together, they tell an engaging story, splitting the historians about its metaphorical implications.

  • The Erechtheion’s Caryatids – These are five must-see statues in the Acropolis museum. 

Many of these are heavily damaged and missing a few parts, but that doesn’t take away the beauty and the evident artistry behind these statues. 

  • Head of a statue of Alexander the Great – Visitors can gaze at the head of a statue of Alexander at a young age, created after his sole visit to Athens in 338 BC.
  • Statue of Kritios Boy – This is unmistakably one of the most important works of ancient Greek Art. 

It is a statue of a nude boy with his characteristic “Severe Style.” 

There are plenty more exhibits like the Statue of Antenor Kore, the Statue of Calf-Bearer, the Parthenon West Pediment, and more. 

There’s a lot more to discover at the Acropolis of Athens; know what to expect there.

Acropolis Museum Hours

The Acropolis Museum opens at 9 am, right when the entire site of the Acropolis opens for visitors.

It remains open through the week and the year subsequently.  

It is worth noting that the excavation beneath the Acropolis Museum operates on separate hours.

The visiting hours of the archaeological excavation beneath the Acropolis Museum are:

SeasonsDaysHoursLast Entry
1 November – 31 MarchMonday to Sunday9 am to 5 pm4:30 pm
1 April – 31 OctoberMonday9 am to 5 pm4:30 pm
Tuesday to Sunday9 am to 8 pm7:30 pm

Unlike the opening hours, the Acropolis Museum’s closing time changes depending on the day of the week. 

On most weekdays, the Acropolis Museum closing time is 8 pm. 

However, on Mondays, it closes at 5 pm. 

On Fridays, the Acropolis museum remains open until 10 pm, which is longer than usual.

Here is a detailed look at the Acropolis Museum timings:

Monday9 am to 5 pm 
Tuesday9 am to 8 pm
Wednesday9 am to 8 pm 
Thursday9 am to 8 pm 
Friday9 am to 10 pm 
Saturday9 am to 8 pm 
Sunday9 am to 8 pm 

Learn about the Acropolis Museum extended hours and know when you can get free entry into Museum.

How long does it take to visit the Museum?

On average, most visitors spend around 1.5 hours exploring the Acropolis Museum. 

You can see plenty of artifacts in this time.

People spend more 1.5 hours browsing through the various exhibits to understand the significance and history of the Acropolis. 

You can purchase the Acropolis Museum tickets separately.

If you want to save money, you can go for the combo Acropolis Athens Museum tickets and visit both the museum while gaining access to the entire archaeological site.

Where is Acropolis Museum located?

The Acropolis Museum is located on the southeastern slope of the Acropolis Hill. 

It is on the ancient road that led up to the “sacred rock” in classical times.

The exact address is Dionysiou Areopagitou 15, Athina 117 42, Greece. 

Open the address of the Acropolis Museum on Google Maps for easy navigation. 

The Museum of Acropolis is just a few hundred meters from the Acropolis Hill.

Both are connected to robust public transportation, so getting to the Acropolis is not difficult.


What is in the Acropolis Museum?

Acropolis Museum treasures every artifact excavated from about two hectares around the archaeological site of Acropolis Hill since 1885. 

It is a physical history book on Grecian culture and heritage, being home to over three thousand small and big exhibits from the ancient Athenian citadel.

The Museum of Acropolis has sculptures and other elements from the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike, and more. 

You can also watch the Acropolis made of LEGO, discover hidden treasures, and do more!

Is the Acropolis Museum included in the combo ticket of Acropolis?

The combo ticket to the Acropolis Museum allows access to both the archaeological site of Acropolis and the Museum. 

There are many other Acropolis of Athens combo tickets that pair the Acropolis with various other historically significant attractions of Athens. 

Should you do the Acropolis or Acropolis Museum first?

You can visit the Acropolis Museum before or after exploring all the sites at the Acropolis. 

Opt for the Acropolis Museum combo tickets allowing access to both. 

Is the Museum of Acropolis worth it?

Absolutely, the Acropolis Museum is worth it. 

Plenty of artifacts are laid out in chronological order going as far back as millennia, a visit to the museum will help you to appreciate the significance of the Acropolis. 

Where is Acropolis Museum located?

The Acropolis Museum is located on the Southeastern slope of Acropolis Hill. 
The exact address is Dionysus Areopagitou 15, Athina 117 42, Greece

Do you have to buy Acropolis Museum tickets?

Yes, visitors must buy Acropolis Museum tickets, sold separately from the Acropolis tickets. 

You can purchase a money-saving Combo of these two tickets instead of buying two entrance tickets. 

So, depending on your needs, book either the Acropolis Museum separately or the Acropolis combo Tickets for extra savings!

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