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Visiting the Acropolis is an unforgettable experience, but navigating Athens traffic and parking can be daunting. 

The Acropolis of Athens doesn’t have a dedicated Acropolis parking lot, but you will find various parking lots nearby where you can park your car for free or by paying some charges.

This guide simplifies your journey by outlining various parking options near the Acropolis, allowing you to choose the solution that best suits your needs and budget.

Before You Drive

Many visitors recommend skipping the hassle of driving in Athens and opting for public transportation. The city’s narrow streets and limited parking can make driving stressful.

Here’s what some visitors have to say:

“I would park at a metro station outside town where they have big car parks and use public transport. There’s the metro, buses, and taxis. Driving is an absolute nightmare, avoid it!”

“Don’t drive around Athens. Park somewhere relatively quiet and ride the metro around.”

“Even the locals hate driving in Athens.”

“It’s a dense & walkable European city, with narrow streets and very limited parking. Much of the area around the Acropolis is pedestrianized.”

Amazing historical site. Can get crowded though. We visited during off-season so it was manageable. Lots and lots of walking. Take public transportation due to limited (almost none) parking. Also, lot of one ways and narrow uphill and downhill roads around. Nighttime view from anywhere in Athens is mesmerizing. You can do this site and Agora’s in single trip. Lots of shopping alleys around the site.”

Free Parking near Acropolis

Free parking near the Acropolis is available, but it comes with its own set of considerations.

Limited free street parking exists in the Koukaki area, around 1.5 km (0.9 miles) to 2 km (1.2 miles) from the Acropolis, which will take 15 to 20 minutes on foot. 

There are a few other free parking spots near Acropolis Athens, such as Willowood Square and East Athens Marketplace, which are around a 30-minute walk and offer two hours of free parking.

These might seem like some budget-friendly options, but there are some drawbacks too, which you should consider before selecting a parking lot:

  • Limited Availability: Free street parking is highly sought-after, especially during peak tourist season. 

    Be prepared to circle the area for a while or arrive very early to snag a spot.
  • Time Constraints: Free parking often comes with time restrictions.  

    Pay close attention to signage to avoid returning to a parking ticket.
  • Walking Distance: While Koukaki is walkable, it might add an extra 10-15 minutes to your journey to the Acropolis, depending on your specific location.

Here are some tips for free parking: 

  • Parking outside the designated parking zones is free of charge. 

  • Additionally, free parking is available in outdoor areas and side streets. 

  • During weekdays after 9 pm and Saturdays after 4 pm, parking within the city center is also free, subject to availability. 

  • Numerous hotels provide complimentary parking services.

Parking Zones in Athens

Parking in downtown Athens follows specific regulations to manage traffic flow and ensure accessibility. 

The city center is divided into parking zones, each denoted by signage and road markings. 

Understanding these zones is crucial to avoid fines and ensure compliance with local parking laws.

1. Blue Zones : Marked with the sign “P” and painted blue stripes on the road, these parking zones are reserved for residents. 

Visitors should refrain from parking in blue zones to avoid penalties.

2. Yellow Zones: Designated by yellow road markings and the “P” sign, yellow zones are reserved for special vehicles. 

Parking in these zones is prohibited for regular vehicles, and doing so may result in fines.

3. White Zones: White parking zones allow paid parking for vehicles. 

These zones are ideal for short-term parking, as the maximum parking duration is typically limited to three hours. 

Drivers should adhere to the specified time limits to avoid fines or towing.

Paid Parking Garages

While the allure of free parking exists, navigating Athens traffic and limited free spaces can be stressful.  

For guaranteed parking and peace of mind, consider these paid options near the Acropolis:

1. Metropark Athens

Address: Metropark Athens, Mitropoleos 21-23 & Patroo 8, 105 57 Athens, Greece. Find on Map.

Walking Distance from Acropolis: A short walk (around 15 to 20 minutes) from the Acropolis. It’s very close to Plaka and Monastiraki—the areas tourists visit for dining options before or after their Acropolis trip.


  1. Entrance Fee: €10
  2. Each Additional Hour: €1
  3. Overnight Stay (Car): €25
  4. Overnight Stay (SUV/VAN): €30
  5. Overnight Stay (Motorcycle): €15

Parking Hours

Monday – Thursday: 7.30 am – 1.30 am

Friday – Sunday: 24 Hours

2. Parking Kostas

Address: Vlachou Angelou 6, Athina 105 56, Greece. Find on Map.

Walking Distance from Acropolis:  14-minute walk from the Acropolis

Parking Hours

Monday to Friday: 7 am to 6 pm

Saturday: 8 am to 4 pm

Sunday: Closed

3. Parking Siggrou 32

Address:  Leoforos Andrea Siggrou 32, 117 42 Athens, Greece. Find on Map.

Walking Distance from Acropolis:  12-minute walk from the Acropolis

Parking Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 8 am – 6 pm

Sunday: Closed

4. Car Park

Address: Rovertou Galli 39, Athina 117 41, Greece. Find on Map.

Walking Distance from Acropolis:  7-minute walk from the Acropolis

Parking Hours: Open 24 hours

5. Trovas Parking 24h

Address: Xenofontos 4, Athina 105 57, Greece. Find on Map.

Walking Distance from Acropolis: 18-minute walk from the Acropolis

Parking Hours: Open 24 hours

Parking Tickets

Parking at Acropolis

The typical parking rates in Athens are approximately €0.50 euros for one hour, €1 for two hours, and €6 for three hours.

ParkAround is a unique app designed to help you locate the closest available free parking space, whether in a parking garage, parking lot, or designated white zone.

With the myAthensPass app, you can conveniently load your credit, debit, or prepaid card with your preferred amount, ranging from 50 cents to 20 euros. 

Then, you can select your desired parking space and duration directly on the digital card. 

Simply enter your license plate number to finalize the booking process.

You can also get parking tickets from the machines next to the parking signs. 

It’s important to pay attention to the information boards on the traffic signs for guidance. 

In cases where a parking ticket is required but the ticket machine is defective, you can obtain your parking ticket from a nearby kiosk.

Drivers must familiarize themselves with these parking regulations and zones when navigating downtown Athens. 

Things to Know Before You go!

  • Research and Book Online: If you choose a specific parking garage, research rates and availability beforehand. Some garages might offer online booking and this ensures guaranteed parking.
  • Arrive Early: If opting for free street parking, arrive early to increase your chances of finding a spot.
  • Be Mindful of Signs: Pay close attention to parking regulations and time restrictions to avoid fines.
  • Consider Alternatives:  If driving seems overwhelming, explore a stress-free alternative: park your car outside the city center at a metro station with a large car park and utilize Athens’ public transportation system.  

The metro, buses, and taxis can efficiently transport you around the city.
Read more on how to reach Acropolis.

The final decision rests on your comfort level and needs.  

Weigh the pros and cons of driving against the ease of using public transportation.  

With careful planning and the information provided, you can make an informed choice about parking near the Acropolis.

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