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Spend this Valentine’s Day in the heart of history, Athens. 

A beautiful city nestled in the heart of Greece boasting a rich tapestry of culture, ancient marvels and a vibrant contemporary scene. 

Athens seamlessly blends romance with history as you explore the remnants of the past time. 

You can take a leisurely stroll and admire all of the well-preserved structures for an unforgettable romantic escapade. 

There are plenty of things to do in Athens on Valentine’s Day, but no visit is complete without a tour of the one-of-a-kind Acropolis sitting regale at the top of Acropolis Hill. Get Directions.

Beyond the archaeological wonders of the past, Athens has an array of romantic experiences suited for all guests and their varied tastes. 

From scenic walks in the world-famous Plaka neighborhood and catching the stunning sunset at various stops to savoring Athenian Cuisine, this blog is your guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day in Athens. Check out the popular Athens Food tours.

This blog covers all the necessary details and information for planning a memorable day filled with love and romance with your partner this Valentine’s Day in Athens. 

So, let’s jump in and learn everything to do in Athens on Valentine’s Day so that you can have a day to remember for the rest of your life. 

Visit Acropolis Athens on Valentines Day

Athens on Valentines Day

Besides providing an unparalleled backdrop for couples, the Acropolis Athens is a timeless icon of love and legacy.

It is evident in the enduring legacy of ancient love stories, particularly the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, an ode to his late wife. 

You and your partner can create your own itinerary that includes witnessing the enduring beauty of the Acropolis on your special day.

Go back in time to relive old tales of romance by visiting the Acropolis in Athens on Valentine’s Day with your special someone. It makes for one memorable tour.  

Drawing millions of visitors annually,  the Acropolis Athens is an engaging and must-visit attraction that becomes even more magical on Valentine’s Day due to its old-world fables.  

Lovebirds can see the sunset over the ancient citadel that washes the Parthenon in a golden glow that transcends time, a magical sight that permanently engraves in your memories. 

It’s a perfect sight to behold with your special someone right beside you.

There are plenty of structures to explore, stories to uncover, and skillful embodiments of exemplary architecture to admire on your visit to Acropolis Athens. Buy Tickets.

Similarly, all structures encapsulate numerous tales to fascinate visitors and inspire them to find their own meaning of love!

Besides the Parthenon, some of the significant structures in the Acropolis of Athens include the Temple of Athena Nike and Erechtheion. You are highly recommended to check out the amazing Acropolis Museum as well.

Learn about convenient stays near the Acropolis that offers stunning views of the Acropolis. It is particularly a sight to savor at night when the Acropolis is fully illuminated and the bright stars twinkle to create a fairy tale scene. 

Learn about the various spots for shopping on your visit to Acropolis so that you can purchase something nice for yourself and your partner this Valentine’s Day. 

Visit during the best time to visit and know the opening hours well before your Acropolis Athens visit.

Acropolis Athens Tickets 

Guests who want to visit the Acropolis will require an Acropolis Athens ticket to visit on Valentine’s Day. 

However, one thing to remember is all Acropolis Athens tickets are timed. You must book an Acropolis Athen ticket to visit on Valentine’s Day in advance of the desired time slot. 

Around 3,000 visitors enter from 8 am to 9 am, and then 2,000 visitors in the subsequent hours. This is done to control the crowd. 

There are plenty of types of Acropolis Athens tickets available. The simple entry ticket is the standard ticket but we recommend getting the guided tours

A place with such a rich history behind it requires a guided tour to uncover all the small details so that you can be entranced with the riveting tales of the past. 

If you want more alone time with your partner and don’t want to explore it in a guided group tour, pick the Acropolis entry with an audio tour.

There is an Acropolis and Museum audio guide to tour available to explore it at your own pace and still get all the context.

Let’s check out our top five recommendations for the Acropolis Athen tickets to make your Valentine’s Day visit special! 

Acropolis Athens tickets FeaturesPrice
Acropolis, Parthenon & Acropolis Museum Guided Tour • Acropolis Skip-the-line entrance tickets.
• Acropolis Museum skip-the-line entry tickets.
• (Separate entry) An expert English-speaking live tour guide. 
• Disposable earphones (for groups of more than 8 people) 
€89 (US $97)/
Adult ticket 
Athens Acropolis and Parthenon Guided Walking Tour• Acropolis Skip-the-line entrance tickets.
• An expert English-speaking live tour guide. 
• A little over one and a half hour long guided walking tour.  
• Headphones to enjoy clear audio during the tour.
€55 (US $60)/
Adult ticket 
Athens Acropolis Entry Ticket with Audio Guide• Acropolis Athens entry ticketAudio guide in English, French, and Spanish for Athens Old Town. 
• Acropolis Athens Audio guide in English, French, and Spanish. 
€19 (US $21)/
Adult ticket 
Athens Acropolis & Museum Tickets with Audio Guide• Timed entry to the Acropolis Athens. 
• Entry ticket to the Acropolis Museum. 
• Self-guided audio tour of Athens Old Town, Plaka in English, French, and Spanish. 
• A self-guided audio tour of the Acropolis site and the Acropolis Museum in English, French, and Spanish. 
€32 (US $35)/
Adult ticket 
Athens Early Morning Guided Acropolis & Parthenon Tour• A skip-the-line entrance ticket to Acropolis. 
• A professional local licensed guide. 
• Earsets to enjoy clear audio during the tour. 
• Athens Guide magazine for ideas on things to doAthens Map. 
€55 (US $60)/
Adult ticket 

Beyond these recommended tours, visitors can also opt for the amazing value-for-money Acropolis combo tour. 

These allow you to explore the Acropolis and other popular landmarks of Athens with just one pass at a discounted price!

One of the most popular tours is the Acropolis and the six archaeological sites combo for an extensive tour of the famous archaeological sites of Athens.

Other Things to Do in Athens on Valentine’s Day

Other Things to Do in Athens on Valentine’s Day

Beyond the allure of the past at Acropolis, Athens has plenty more to offer for the love birds who want to make their day special and memorable. 

The city’s unique juxtaposition of modernity and antiquity creates a scene for a Valentine’s Day celebration where time stands still. 

A perfect setting so that you can just enjoy each other’s company and the magic of Athens. Check out the things to do in Athens on Valentine’s Day.

The romantic charm of Athens is at its full display in the Plaka neighborhood. Take a romantic stroll with your partner to savor authentic Greek Cuisine in quaint tavernas. 

Browse local shops, try local delicacies and indulge in the cultural richness for a lazy day with your partner exploring the streets of Athens. 

Guests are encouraged to take an Athens pass if they are in the mood to explore the streets, as it allows access to multiple landmarks, making it even more rewarding! 

Beyond the scenery, Athens is known for its world-class culinary and cuisine; take this opportunity to dine at a rooftop restaurant with a backdrop of the exquisite Acropolis! 

To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy each other’s company this Valentine’s Day, go to the National Garden

It is a place to find tranquility and ignite romance in the lush oasis of diverse flora and fauna. 

Anafiotika, tucked away in the northeastern side of the Acropolis, is a picturesque neighborhood with a distinct island vibe to get you into a vacation mood! 

The narrow alleyways and lanes filled with bougainvillea make for one beautiful escape within the city. Check out all the things to do in Anafiotika on Valentine’s Day.

If you are up to taking it up a notch, then embark on a romantic cruise along the Athenian Riviera

Enjoy the stunning views of the coastline, and admire the gorgeous sunset aboard a cruise ship that will set the romantic mood right for creating fond memories. 

Athens is as much a place of history as much about the fine arts and performance that will move you. 

Move away from your usual movie date ideas and go for a cultural evening at Herodion this Valentine’s Day in Athens. 

An amphitheater that will teleport you back in time with its setting for a magical night with your partner. 

Finally, for foodies who travel to try new delicacies, Valentine’s Day should be a feast with your special someone or partner! 

Get an Athens Street Food tour to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day in Athens and try authentic and innovative food for a day to remember.

Check out the list of spots and various romantic day trips that you can visit with your partner to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day in Athens.

Benaki Museum Archaeological Museum Roman Agora
Cape Sounion and Temple of PoseidonMuseum of Cycladic ArtsMount Lycabettus 
Delphi Day Trip Theta Athens Monastiraki 


What can I do during Valentine’s Day in Athens?

Athens is imbued with history and culture; thus, there is plenty to do to celebrate love by doing something romantic. 

One highly recommended thing to do in Athens during Valentine’s Day is to visit the Acropolis, preferably to see the magical sunset. 

Nothing can be more magical and romantic than seeing a setting sun at the Acropolis. Beyond this, visitors can stroll the Plaka, dine at rooftop restaurants, and explore Anafiotika, the Athenian Riviera. 

Can you Visit the Acropolis on Valentine’s Day?

Yes. Guests can visit the Acropolis of Athens on Valentine’s Day. It remains open throughout the year from 8 am to 6 pm.

Learn about the Acropolis opening hours and the best time to visit for more information to plan your visit properly.

Visitors will need an Acropolis ticket to visit. There are various types of tickets: guided, audio tour, combo and more. 

How to visit the Acropolis on Valentine’s Day?

Acropolis is well connected to all public transportation thus, reaching Acropolis from any part of the city is straightforward. Read how to reach for more details. 

Besides this, visitors do need an Acropolis ticket to visit. Get the Acropolis and Museum Guided tours or Audio guides that allow you to understand the significance and history of the place.

Guests can also pick a combo tour like the Acropolis and Six Archaeological Sites for a full tour of all major archeological sites. 

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